Jessica C. Choate



“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination” Jimmy Dean

Jessica lives and breathes her life through passion and if you’ve ever had the pleasure to to cross paths would know of her magnetizing energy that could move mountains. She captures a room with her endless smile and draws you in to her modern-day “renaissance woman” essence.  She has a rich antiquity of modeling and the initiative for knowledge flourish through the desire to share her business savvy entrepreneur drive with the community through her experience in event production, technical sales, marketing, project management, and multiple side projects she always strives to positively impact the world.  She thrives on knowledge and views life as it’s quest.  Her many “hats” makes her a unique breed that can mold and meld through any environment she may find herself.

Jessica’s style and grace she contributes to being raised by some of her most influential “Southern Bell” idols such as veteran Marine mother, Colene and beauty queen-charity driven grandmother “Meme” that is mixed with the free spirit of California lifestyle she fell in love with as a pre-teen.  She has called California home for over half her life and is grateful for her West Texas Southern roots and claims “hospitality” runs through her veins. Tributes her “workaholic” tendency’s to her “Papa Jones” who taught her “not just to work hard, but live passionately” L.W Buddy Jones.  Her spirituality and scholar devotion gears from her father John that took pride in teachings of many religions, culinary arts, their native american heritage and challenging any view with an educated debate. She feels incredibly loved and supported by her benevolent extended family who have taught her love and family are thicker than blood.

For over ten years Jessica has executed successful projects in fast-paced evolving environments. She has a vast knowledge of a variety of fields, while specializing in polymorphic aspects of community management through business, sales, marketing, social media and event production. She provides an innovative “lead by example” mentality, bringing the world’s attention and capturing her audience with a charismatic philanthropic presence that can fall into sync with a team and excel at championing any team to triumph.
She thrives on new and exciting challenges, so if you have a project or role you would like her to consider please contact her below…
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